Village Plan Committee

The Village Plan Committee is made up entirely of volunteers.  The Committee regularly meets to review the activities of the Working Groups and to ensure that progress against the Plan is monitored. 

We held our Annual General Meeting on 18 March 2020 at 6.30pm in the Lawson Hut.  We are actively seeking new members of the Committee and its Working Groups so if you could spare just a few hours per month and have some ideas and energy then please contact any member of the Committee below.

Members of the Committee as at March 2020:

Peter Smith (Acting Chair)


Tel: 01977 640977

Andrew Betteridge (Treasurer)


Tel: 07815 960264

Barrie Slinger


Tel: 01977 644853

Linda Cole


Tel: 01977 643918

Jonathan Broadhurst (Webmaster)


Tel: 07432 048433


The Village Plan Committee