Village Plan


The Badsworth Parish Plan was originally published in 2004 following a survey of villagers to determine key issues / concerns and elicit ideas as to how the village could develop or be enhanced.  As a result of the feedback and subsequent work by the Parish Plan Steering Group and Parish Council, as well as numerous other volunteers, a number of actions followed:

  • Introduction of 20mph speed zone 

  • Road widening on the bend on Back Lane

  • Extension of several pavements

  • Development of village website

The largest project requested in 2004 was the creation of a fenced footpath to The Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel – “Badsworth Way”. 

In January 2017 it was agreed that a new plan should be developed and so a new Village Plan Committee was formed, consisting entirely of volunteers from within the village.  The Committee included representation from the Parish Council and Church in order to ensure a cohesive approach and avoid duplication of effort.

In March 2017 it was agreed that a detailed questionnaire should be sent to all households in order to obtain up-to-date feedback on key issues, concerns and ideas.  The response rate was almost 70% and the Village Plan Committee has used the feedback in order to drive forward a number of initiatives and focus its actions.

In June 2018 the current Village Plan was published.