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Sunflower Competition

Following a successful sunflower competition in 2016 we held another this year.  We originally planned to have the final judging in mid-September but given the unusually warm and dry weather we brought it forward to late August as people had done so well to nurture their sunflowers through some quite extreme conditions. There were three categories this year – one each for the tallest / largest flower and one for the best small garden or container display. 

We did an initial progress report at the end of July and chose the windiest and wettest weekend to try to measure and photograph people's efforts!    When it came to the final judging the winners were:


Warwick Sumpter for the largest flower head at 34cm across.

Toby and Joe Matthews for growing the tallest plant at almost 3m tall

Bill and Zena Taylor for the best garden / container display. They had quite a few different varieties including Valentine and Pacino, giving a great display.

Each of the winners received a £10 garden centre voucher.

Thanks to all who entered and also to those who simply grew some sunflowers for the sheer pleasure.

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