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Social Activities & Facilities Group


  • Maintenance and development of current/future facilities including Lawson Hut, St Mary's Centre, School etc

  • Encouraging / developing broad social calendar

  • How to encourage "new blood" and new activities

  • Quick wins ie: what can we achieve quickly and easily so that we gain momentum and can soon start to show some progress?

  • Community engagement ie: how can we maximise opportunities for engagement across the village, including residents, Church, School, Council etc?

Members of Working Group as at July 2018

Barrie Slinger (Leader)

Linda Cole

Joanne Ellis

Fr Stephen Hotchen


Activities and future plans

Some of you may be aware that Badsworth has, in the past, enjoyed facilities such as a cricket pitch, as well as having a Reading Room attached to the old School Master’s House near St Mary’s Centre.  These facilities have been lost and the St Mary’s Centre is also in need of major refurbishment to bring it up to 21st Century standards and give easier access to people.

The Lawson Hut is a very well used and popular venue but has limits on capacity and is almost entirely maintained by volunteers.  Furthermore, the lease is due to expire in just over 10 years and so the future of this facility has to be considered as part and parcel of a review of the sustainability of current facilities and plans for the future recreational needs and wishes of the village.

The group is at the very early stages of looking at bold and ambitious plans for the future of “green space” and recreational / social facilities for the village. However, there are numerous challenging issues which have to be addressed, including liaison with those who own / use the current land which would inevitably hold the key to us achieving an ideal outcome.  If the land cannot be made available for whatever reason then plans will have to be adapted accordingly and options reviewed especially as parking and access issues will be more challenging.

What is certain is that once we are in a position to do so, ideas and plans will be drawn up for consultation with residents and other interested parties.  At the moment there is a vision but there is a long way to go before we know what might be feasible and then we will need to look at professional input and considerable funding. 

Here is the Acting Chairman's report from the Lawson Hut AGM 2019,

please click the file to open it.


Thanks to Ann Hunter for supplying this wonderful photo of Badsworth Chapel Sunday School Christmas party 1953

Back row : Sunday school teacher, Vera Smallwood, Carole Walker

Middle row : Chris Swales, Eric Palmer ?  Linda Walker, Joyce Barker

Bottom row : Ken Palmer, David Swales, Ann Priestley (me) Sylvia Walker, Christopher Orchard, Paul Fretwell  ?  

Bottom corner right : Michael Fretwell

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