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Infrastructure Group


  • What, if anything, can the village do to preserve and ideally improve aspects such as public transport, broadband speed and mobile phone signal etc?

  • Are there services people could tap in to if they were aware?  Dial-a-ride, Access Buses, delivery and collection of library books etc

  • Quick wins ie: what can we achieve quickly and easily so that we gain momentum and can soon start to show some progress?

  • Community engagement ie: how can we maximise opportunities for engagement across the village, including residents, Church, School, Council etc?


Members of Working Group (as at July 2018)

Fr. Stephen Hotchen


Current Status and Challenges

This group currently has no members and Fr Stephen and the rest of the Committee have had limited time to drive forward any specific initiatives.  This is not to say that the group does not have merit but it is viewed as a longer term programme.  This is especially true given that the areas covered are ones which have no quick and easy solutions.

We will review the status and remit of this group in early 2019.

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