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Welcome to Badsworth

Welcome to Badsworth. The Anglo Saxons set up many "springline" villages which offered an assured good quality water supply from natural local springs and Badsworth is one such village.  Already established before 1086 when the Domesday Book was written, Badsworth is listed as Badesuurde meaning Bades or Baedi's enclosure.  This seems to indicate an Anglo Saxon settlement with open fields around a nucleus of houses and it is believed, a wooden Anglo Saxon church.  More about the history of Badsworth

Badsworth is more than just a village lost in time, There is a dedicated group of volunteers that bring energy and life to the Village.  Visit the What's On page and come along to one of the many events and activities.  Why not join one of the community groups and help to keep Badsworth a thriving village into the future . 

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