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Green & Pleasant Village Group


  • Maintenance and development/enhancement of public spaces including:

    • Litter, planting, fallen leaves / debris clearing etc

    • Reducing problems of dog fouling

  • Potential development ideas (from the many comments/suggestions received through the survey etc)

  • Quick wins ie: what can we achieve quickly and easily so that we gain momentum and can soon start to show some progress?

  • Community engagement ie: how can we maximise opportunities for engagement across the village, including residents, Church, School, Council etc?


Members of Working Group as at May 2018

Michelle Griffiths (Chair)

Joan Barnsley

Anita Cook

Brenda Graham (Badsworth Parish Council)

Jenny Parkin

Tania Pemberton

Della Rudenko

Penny Wressel


Activities and achievements so far

The group was formed in October 2017 and wanted to make an early impact despite the time of year. 

St Mary’s Centre clean-up - November 2017 - it was agreed to organise a clean-up of the outside space at the St Mary’s Centre and this was done on Saturday 11 November 2017. Volunteers of all ages participated and joined attendees of the regular monthly coffee mornings to commemorate Armistice Day at 11am.  Countless bags of rubbish including fallen leaves and weeds etc were collected and the compost area at the back proved to be a godsend too.

St Mary's Centre Clean Up Badsworth3.png
St Mary's Centre Clean Up Badsworth.jpg
St Mary's Centre Clean Up Badsworth2.jpg

St Mary’s Centre clean-up - June 2018 - in preparation for the Fete this year, the group organised another clean-up of the grounds outside St Mary’s Centre.  Again, significant progress was made and our thanks go to all the volunteers who came to help.

St Mary's Centre Clean Up Badsworth6.png
St Mary's Centre Clean Up Badsworth7.png
St Mary's Centre Clean Up Badsworth4.jpg
St Mary's Centre Clean Up Badsworth5.png

Replacement of planters - as the existing village planters have become damaged the group proposed their replacement and obtained quotes for new planters in local stone which is more in keeping with the character of the village. A proposal was made to the Parish Council for two new planters on Main Street and the Parish Council has kindly funded and organised this.

The new planters are an investment for the future as they should have a long life.  Feedback so far has been positive and we would love to see the other two planters replaced in a similar way as soon as funding is available.

Replacement Planters Badsworth1.jpg
Replacement Planters Badsworth2.jpg

Dog Fouling – following proposals from the G&PV Group, the Parish Council acquired new dog poo bag dispensers which we hope will go some way to reduce the incidence of dog waste being left on paths and verges etc. The dispensers are located at either end of "Badsworth Way" and at the top of Chapel Lane close to the start of the farm track.

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