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The UK Government has declared a National Emergency over the Coronavirus outbreak.  Restrictions have ben put in place to limit the movement of people and reduce the risk of further spreading the virus.  Advice and guidance on how people should respond is constantly changing. The Village Plan Committee are taking measures to support the most vulnerable residents. For more about government advice see the following websites:


Supporting Badsworth Residents

In response to the emerging crisis, a number of people wanted to feel useful and help their fellow residents but were not sure how best to do this. The Village Plan Committee kindly agreed to help residents coordinate a team of volunteers and so we have created the Badsworth Emergency Support Team (or B.E.S.T.).  We currently have well over 30 individual volunteers, from all age groups and across the breadth of the village. It has become clear that many people in the village are already helping their neighbours and friends, with tasks such as shopping, and just simply ensuring people don’t feel isolated. People are exchanging phone numbers and setting up WhatsApp groups, amongst other things.


B.E.S.T has set up a “helpline” which will be open to ANYONE in the village, regardless of age or circumstance. The intention is to be able to access the skills and availability of the wider support team, so that we can provide a safety net to those in need, especially where existing support networks fail (eg due to people having to self-isolate). Volunteers can, if required provide a variety of help such as collecting medication or prescriptions, providing IT support and ideas as to how to use technology to prevent isolation, as well as just providing a friendly ear for anyone who wants to have a chat about anything. We also have a number of dog owners on the list so we can provide dog walking services if you ever need them. Contact numbers are on the following page and will also be on the Website and other notices around the village. New numbers may be published over the coming weeks as volunteers have a well-earned rest.


All support will have to be delivered on the basis of trust and goodwill as we don’t have insurance etc but we think people will understand that. We will seek to provide all support in a safe and hygienic way, minimising physical contact and ensuring we abide by the latest official advice. Because things are changing fast, we will be fluid and will adapt according to circumstances.

One of our aims is to bring the village together whilst keeping people apart physically. We particularly want to identify and support people in the most vulnerable groups or those self-isolating for whatever reason so we can prioritise support and be proactive where possible. Please do contact one of the helpline numbers to let us know who you are, even if you are currently fine and being taken care of.

B.E.S.T Support

talking on phones
Key contact points:

Anita Cook - 07715 748656

Glenys Richardson - 07879 478261

Sandra Broadbent - 07976 032022

Initially, the Helpline will be available from 8am to 6pm each day. If you do ring and don’t get an answer from one number please either leave a message or try one of the other contacts.


The Helpline is there to help! We don’t know at this stage how things are likely to develop (indeed things may have changed by the time you read this) and so we will play things by ear and adapt our services accordingly. We are in the process of working out processes and guidelines so that volunteers and service-users are kept safe and well. By the time you read this we should have worked out all the detail as to how things will work.


With the provision of essential supplies we would do our best to help if anyone is stuck. Hopefully at some point the shelves will be stocked fairly normally again but we don’t know. But as you can imagine we will endeavour to help prevent people falling between the cracks.

Whatever you do, don’t feel you can’t ring, even if you just want someone to chat to. We have volunteers who “like to chat” and are, themselves, looking for company at the present time. Don’t feel isolated either. There’s no reason why everyone can’t stay connected as a community.


Let’s look after each other and bring out the B.E.S.T in Badsworth!

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