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Badsworth: A Village Through Time

Badsworth A Village Through Time

Have you ever wondered how old the Church is, or what the St Mary's Centre was used for? Exactly who is the Lawson Hut named after? What did the village look like 100 years ago, or even just back in the 1960s?  These, and many more questions, are answered in a new book which has just been compiled and published, which traces the history of the village since the Domesday Book in 1086. 

The book is not a history text book and is intended to give an overview of how the village has evolved over the last 1000 years to provide insights in to some of its famous residents, historic buildings and social development.  The series of short chapters look at a variety of topics from school life since the 1880s, village life in WW1, the church and even the story of an infamous murder.  In compiling the book I have used as many photographs as possible including comparing views of the village in the early 1900s and the modern day.

The book, which is printed in colour and contains 96 pages, is available to buy at £10 per copy from Anita Cook.  The book is published privately and all profits from its sale go to charity. 

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