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Conservation Group


  • What does the Conservation Area mean for Badsworth and residents?

  • Clarifying restrictions etc and educating residents / new arrivals

  • Developing the conservation theme within the village

  • Enforcement - how should this be managed? Whose responsibility?

  • Quick wins ie: what can we achieve quickly and easily so that we gain momentum and can soon start to show some progress?

  • Community engagement ie: how can we maximise opportunities for engagement across the village, including residents, Church, School, Council etc?

Members of Working Group as at July 2018

Linda Cole

Jackie Travis

Dean Travis


The Group had been led actively by Stuart Spacey until his sudden and sad passing in June 2018.  We believe that the Conservation agenda is key to the village and so are actively seeking new members for the group to help carry on the work done to date.

Conservation Awareness Leaflet

One of the things people highlighted in the 2017 questionnaire was that, although they were aware of the Conservation Area, there was a desire for more information as to the boundaries and the implications of living within or near a Conservation Area.  The Village Plan’s Conservation Group has therefore pulled together a guide which was delivered to all households in Feb 2018.

The document was produced in conjunction with the Conservation Officer at Wakefield Council, as well as our own Parish Council.  


A copy of the leaflet can be downloaded here:

please click the file to open it.

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