Communications Group


The remit of the Communications Group is to look at:

  • How to keep residents connected and aware of what's happening eg:

    • development of village website

    • regular newsletter

    • new notice boards etc

  • Community engagement ie: how can we maximise opportunities for engagement across the village, including residents, Church, School, Council etc?


Our aim is to help create and foster a sense of community and in so doing bring together a variety of groups in the village so that they work together cohesively.


Members of Working Group as at July 2018

Anita Cook (chair)

Andrew Betteridge

Bethan Dyson

Peter Dyson

Freya Raby

Ann Slinger


The group is responsible for production of the bi-monthly village newsletter “Our Badsworth Way” as well as the upkeep of the village website.

Our longer term plans also include a potential review of the number, location and usage of village noticeboards as well as ensuring that temporary notices on posts throughout the village are used sensibly.