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Badsworth Church

Contact - Karen Barker - Churchwarden

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Reverend Karen Young

St Mary the Virgin

I am writing this in the thick of Christmas preparations and many carol services in this, my first Christmas in Badsworth and Ackworth. I am surprised at how quickly I have come to regard my parishes as home and I am looking forward to getting to know many more of you in the new year.

During my first 6 months, I have been amazed at the hard work which so obviously goes into village events, from the summer fete, the scarecrow competition and the Christmas party. The church coffee mornings are very well supported by the village and I am grateful to our church team which just makes them happen each month.

The Roman God Janus is usually portrayed, in art and sculpture, with two heads. One looks behind him and the other faces forwards. He is the god of both the past and the future and it is thought that the month of January derives from his name. In the early days of the New Year, we all tend to reflect on the previous year and also look forward to the new, like Janus. At St Mary's we have been a bit Janus-like as we think about how we can make our historic church more open and accessible, so that it becomes a real hub in the centre of the village, not just an old locked building many walk past.

So looking back at our historic past and forward to the next steps, St Mary's will be making plans to update the building with a loo and refreshment area - and working to keep the building open much more often. Inevitably progress will be slow, it often is, but the church council is committed to developing the wonderful resource in our midst. There will be more to share in due course.

A very happy New Year to you all.

St Mary’s Church, in the heart of the village, was first mentioned in the Domesday book. The Church that you see today is probably the third on the site and the bulk of the modern structure dates from around 1350 – 1400, although there are one or two pieces of the earlier church still visible today.

The Church is usually open on Thursdays and Saturdays thanks to volunteers who are keen to show you around. There is an informative guide available, for a donation, to help you to identify the various items of interest and share the history.


Simply to visit the church and absorb its history, beauty and peaceful atmosphere is a joy in itself, but with a little imagination the experience can be even more fulfilling.  Look out for some interesting old tombstones and ‘the Devil’s Door’.

Details of church services are located in the entrance porch.

Church Coffee Morning

Regular coffee mornings take place at St Mary's Community Centre from 10am - 12pm every last Saturday of the month.​ There is an entrance fee of £2 which includes tea or coffee and biscuits. A few extra pennies will bag you some yummy home made cakes and there is also a white elephant stall and raffle.  

All money raised goes towards the upkeep of our beautiful but ancient Church.

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