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Welcome to Badsworth

Welcome to Badsworth. The Anglo Saxons set up many "springline" villages which offered an assured good quality water supply from natural local springs and Badsworth is one such village.  Already established before 1086 when the Domesday Book was written, Badsworth is listed as Badesuurde meaning Bades or Baedi's enclosure.  This seems to indicate an Anglo Saxon settlement with open fields around a nucleus of houses and it is believed, a wooden Anglo Saxon church.  More about the history of Badsworth

Badsworth is more than just a village lost in time, There is a dedicated group of volunteers that bring energy and life to the Village.  Visit the What's On page and come along to one of the many events and activities.  Why not join one of the community groups and help to keep Badsworth a thriving village into the future . 

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Local News

Ann Slinger

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Ann Slinger passed away unexpectedly on 10th August.  Barrie has written a short message thanking everyone in the Village for their support:

It has been a difficult year for many of us but Ann's death on August 10th when overcome by bladder cancer was a terrible end for a brave and beautiful woman. We were supported magnificently by everyone who knew of our problem and the close presence of the whole family for the final days.  The whole family was amazed, surprised, touched by the send off the hearse was given as it left our house.  We thank you all!.” 


The order of service is available here for those who would like a copy.  


Disparate Housewives

Disparate Housewives was founded eight years ago by a handful of women from Badsworth and Thorpe Audlin for women of all ages, with the emphasis being on need, support and friendship. The Covid pandemic put a temporary halt to meetings, but with the easing of lockdown rules plans were agreed with the Lawson Hut to begin meetings again in September.  Then came the news came about only 6 being able to meet socially. The best laid plans!

We have decided to assess the meetings on a monthly basis based on the Government guidelines. I am going to email our members with an update/ newsletter each month so we can all stay in touch. Should any ladies in the village want to join our “temporarily non meeting group” then they can contact Rebecca Mill via email: rebecca@dmill.plus.com


Village Website and Facebook

It is now possible to post directly to the Facebook page without it needing to be approved in advance.  If you have something of interest about Badsworth, share it. It will bring a ray of autumn sunshine to someone’s day.


Village Plan Committee

Just to let residents know that a couple of projects that were planned for this year (but were subsequently put on hold due to coronavirus restrictions) are currently being reviewed by Village Plan Committee in the hope that they may eventually go forward in 2021.


The first is the proposal to plant wild flowers on the field margin adjacent to Grove Lane – discussions have already taken place with the farmer to see if we can start to prepare the site before the winter, so we can get a head start with seed sowing in the spring (whilst socially distancing, of course !). 


The second is a hanging basket initiative whereby Village Plan Committee would work with Parish Council and residents to provide a colourful display across the Village – there are a number of issues that need to be resolved but hopefully a plan of action can be produced by early in the New Year.


Village Plan also hopes to again utilise the yew tree in the Church yard for Christmas lights but it is uncertain what else can be planned due to the Government restrictions and how that might change over time.


The Lawson Hut

The Lawson Hut Committee have held “remote” meetings to monitor and implement the arrangements necessary for the Hut to be made available again with required safety measures in place.  

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Have an idea, suggestion or question?  fill in the form and let us know.  If you need help due to the Coronavirus pandemic, visit our dedicated page here